BG Beauty School: Transform Satin Lipstick To Matte

1. Apply Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Red…
Use a lip brush or apply straight from the tube…there is no wrong way. Option: You can then use your favorite lip liner to smooth out the edges and create a perfectly defined lip.

2. Get ready to mattify…Take apart a two-ply tissue to create one-ply. Apply a small square of tissue to the lips and with your favorite soft brush (Eye Shadow or Eye Blender Brush) lightly dust the tissue with a loose translucent powder (we like Bobbi Brown in Pale Yellow). The tissue works as a soft filter to absorb the excess moisture from the lip color and leaves a velvety finish without changing the color of the lipstick.

3. The big reveal…
Remove the tissue square and…voila! Hello, matte lips!

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